What Are Our Customers Saying?


“I want to thank you for an outstanding job. From the morning of the estimate to packing, loading and unloading to storage. Yes, moving is stressful, but you put my mind at ease. I want to thank each one of my ‘crew’ members. You guys work harder than anyone I know. You all took such great care with every aspect of my move. It was a personal victory every time a piece was unwrapped and found in great condition. You are all truly professionals. Thanks: John Burger, Jamie Everson, Mike Litz, John Secor and Ben Boehlert for a job well done.”

Mary – Bonaire, GA

“I’m writing to express my gratitude for the safe delivery of my items from new York to Florida. There were many fragile, irreplaceable items and none were damaged. I was delighted and impressed with the pick up and delivery. Joel and Joe were so professional and worked diligently. Thank you so much! I would highly recommend your company to anyone”


“I would like to commend your organization for a job well done regarding my move from Utica NY to Clinton, NY. Your two men, Mike Litz & Henry Lohr, did an outstanding job. They were not only courteous, prompt and knowledgeable but efficient & extremely professional in their job. I think they deserve acknowledgment for a job well done & feel they are an asset to your organization. I would readily recommend “Clinton Moving “ to anyone needing your services. Again my thanks for a job well done, please provide a copy of this letter to both of your employees mentioned above.”

Salvatore – Clinton, NY

“I have been traveling the last several weeks & have not had a chance to write you this letter.
I felt it very important to let you know about the outstanding job one of your employees did on our recent move with you. I am referring to Mike Litz. Dave Litz did a very nice job setting up our move regarding timing, pricing & coordination to meet our tight scheduling needs. As you know, then comes the execution. It is here that Mike shined! First, Mike & the crew showed up on the pack day at our Clinton home exactly as committed. I have never seen a crew work so hard, frankly with no breaks until lunch. Lead by Mike, all your guys were polite, accommodating & extremely professional going out of their way to achieve a first class pack & move. This was all complete on time. Prior to Mike’s departure to South Carolina, Mike had heard that we forgot to send a vacuum cleaner. On his way out of town he took it upon himself to stop by the house and pick this up, clearly going, what I consider, above & beyond. Then came the delivery. At the other end at our South Carolina rental, I could only hope that Clinton Moving was doing the move for the owner of the house. The delivery day was the hottest recorded this past summer. Even though, Mike, again, was on time with his arrival but the owner’s movers had not completed the move and our rental agent was having difficulty with getting the movers to perform. It was clearly Mike’s firm coordination that got the other movers going & resulted in our ability to get into our house. Without him we would have been in dire straits since I was in New York and Mimi was by herself in South Carolina. Carter, I’m sure you’ve heard this before but Mike exemplified what I look for in an employee. He is an unbelievable worker. You are fortunate to have him on your staff. While we have not unpacked all of the boxes in our temporary home, those goods which we have unpacked came in excellent condition. This is clearly the result of the personal touch & care by Mike & your guys. I am please with your company’s service & would be delighted to be a reference for you. You have one key challenge, however. That is how do you clone Mike! Thank you!”

Lee – Clinton, NY

“I appreciated your professionalism when you came to my home & how quickly you were able to give me an estimate. The men who came to pack my belongings were polite & very efficient & you had assured me the driver would be with the load from Utica to Wilmington & this was done. Will & his helper did a fantastic job unloading & taking care of my needs. Thank Kim, also, for answering my questions about the date my furniture would be arriving. Thank you so much in making my move an easy one and I would recommend your company to anyone. I am very happy in my new home & enjoying such pleasant weather.”

Ann – Wilmington, NC